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SHAMPOO: We have two shampoo that are sulfate free mild lather shampoos. They cleanse all hair types.
Our Moisturize shampoo moisturizes the hairshaft with botanicals. You'll get a great clean with this moisturizing shampoo without stripping the hair.
The Clarifier shampoo clarifies with african black soap, it strengthens and invigorates the scalp. Removes debris and buildp from hair (without stripping hair).

CONDITONER: The conditioner has moisturizing agents to seal inside the hair shaft. Organic oils goes deep inside scalp, into the pores and helps the natural sebum of the scalp.
The moisturize conditioner helps with hair growth, lenth retention, damage control, detangling, softness and a brilliant shine.

HAIR MOISTURIZER: The Hair moisturizers are a mixture of water, humectants and other beneficial ingredients in a form of cream, it is used to take care of the hair, make it softer, manageable, retain length and prevent it from drying out.
Our daily leave-in moisturizer hair cream is water based, it enhances the moisture in your hair with extracts and gives a great slip with natural oils. This cream also produce shine, moisturize dry hair, sun protection, hydrates and stops breakage. Excellent for chemically treated hair, virgin natural hair, children's and mens Hair. Great for Loc Method.

HAIR OIL: The hair oil is KEY to sealing in moisture, retaining hair growth, softness and shine. Excellent for all types of hair, hot oil treatment, loc method and sealing ends.
OUR natural hair oil is based in rapha's blended oils, the different natural oils absorbs right into the hair shaft. Also an excellent hair serum for protecting men's hair, revamping and restoring moisture to their locs.

SCALP SERUM: The Scalp Serum is made of 80% organic and 20% natural ingredients. OUR True Scalp Serum is based in our special blend of organic and natural oils designed specifically for your scalp health. It truly absorbs right into the scalp and helps with scalp irritation, fights folliculitus, decreases DHT(hair loss) and healthy growth.
THE RAPHA PROMISE: All of our ingredients are green code 3 and 4 which means its at it's purest natural form, and they are eco-certified. Which means we will provide organic and natural ingredients to every product we release on the market. They will be straight from what the earth produces for us to stay at our outmost health...That is our promise. There will never be harmful ingredients: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Glycols, No Lanolin, No Petrolatum, No Mineral Oil, No Silicones, No Synthetic Fragrances (Phthalates) No Artificial Colors and we are People Tested.

WHAT WE DO: We make handmade products that will bring your hair into brilliance, strength and shine, no matter the density or texture of your hair. The skin line will remove cracked, dry dead skin and make it come alive again. Remember No harmful ingredients: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Glycols, No Lanolin, No Petrolatum, No Mineral Oil, No Silicones, No Synthetic Fragrances (Phthalates) No Artificial Colors and People Tested.

FACE CLEANSE: This sulfate free face cleanser effectively removes dirt, oil and make-up. Infused with herbs to help keep moisture in as you cleanse the skin.
Our face cleanse is gentle enough yet strong enough to remove all contaminants of impurities that will allow for toners, exfoliants, ampoules and creams to effectively impart into your skin.

FACE MASQUE: The face masque is naturally shedding dead skin cells, that have accumulated causing dull uneven skin.
Our Masques are created with Fruit Enzymes. Fruit Enzymes are a natural exfoliator, mild and great for your skin. This masque will help stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It is very gentle on all types of skin, help heals existing blemishes and inflammations, while preventing new ones from forming. This masque will rejuvenate your skin for sure. Great for all skin types

FACE CREAM: The Face cream are infused with natural oils which protects the skin.
Our Face cream provides extraordinary moisturizing qualities and plays a vital role in collagen production due to coq10. It also helps to decrease trans-epidermal water loss with hyaluronic acid...a great ingredient that binds moisture to your skin.

FACE AMPOULES: The Face Ampoules are supercharged serums with high actives from plant herbs to reduce water loss (tewl),  increases cell regeneration, skin repair with carotenes, and high antioxidants to increase healing time of your skin, helps with hyperpigmentation, proctects from uv radition and retain its natural hydration within for glowy healthy skin. They also have restructuring effects to the skin, balances out and controls sebum, reduces wrinkles, anti-aging, helps with scarred skin and retains hydration within your skin while given a matte silky feel. We have dry skin and oily skin formula.