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Wrap It Dry (Organic Tshirt Hair Towel)

Wrap It Dry     (Organic Tshirt Hair Towel) Tshirt Hair Towel - Organic
Remember No harmful ingredients: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Glycols, No Lanolin, No Petrolatum, No Mineral Oil, No Silicones, No Synthetic Fragrances (Phthalates) No Artificial Colors and PeopleTested.
Wrap It Dry (Organic Tshirt Hair Towel)

Only 6 left in stock! (PATENT PENDING) Hurry while supplies last! We specialize in everything natural and organic and we could not have a towel that was not the same as our brand signature. Made exclusively from all 100% Organic Natural Materials, right down to the thread. You will love the softness, natural effect of drying your hair with this towel. Dry your hair in style the healthy way. 

  • We created an Organic Tee Towel because as a person dries their hair after shampooing and conditioning, they'll need to continue to keep their hair at its optimal health.
  • The t-shirt towel was created with organic fabric because organic is breathable which allows for the water to absorb smoothly and gently while keeping the hairs natural oils and moisture intact as the towel dries the hair.
  • The breathable t-shirt towel absorbs water easily and naturally while keeping the hair from tangling within itself.
  • Also The organic tee towel decreases fly-aways, split ends and reduces breakage because there is no friction from the fabric on the hair.
  • Furthermore it is gentle on the scalp and hair because it is smooth and breathable. 
  •  We use organic because we don’t want any chemicals to cause harsh reactions to scalp and hair

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