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Natural Hair Glossary



ACV: means Apple Cider Vinegar 

Afro Curly: means your hair is a round shape 

APL: means Armpit length pertaining to how long your hair is 

Ayurvedic: Ancient traditional hair care treatments of India. It consist of natural herbs to improve quality of scalp and hair ..henna, brahmi and alma are some herbs used in hi]air care treatments 

Baggy Method: means Helps to maintain moisture in your hair by putting on a shower cap at night after doing your hair regimen to keep moisture intact 

BC: means Big Chop 

BKT: means Brazilian Keratin Treatment 

Braid Out:. means Braiding hair, letting it set overnight then taking it out to achieve a wavy look hairstyle 

Braids: means cornrows a corn type braid braided closely to scalp, French braid an inside braid braided closely or loosely to scalp 

BSL: means Bra strap length pertaining to how long your hair is 

BSS: means Beauty Supply Store 

CBL: means Collar Bone length pertaining to how long your hair is 

Clay: A natural clay from the earth to cleanse your hair from impurities, and buildup..also known to define and loosen natual curls 

CoWash: means a way to wash hair with conditioner only or a cleanse cream with no suds, helps to maintain moisture in hair 

Comb coils: means a hairstyle technique using the tail of a rattail comb at the root and turning it down the hair clockwise to create a coil 

Cones: means an ingredients in certain products called Silicones 

Detangle: means to use a brush, fingers or comb to remove knots from your hair with a product for easy manageability of hair 

DT: means Deep Treatment 

Dusting: means trimming hair lightly..typically a quarter of an inch or less 

Flat twist: means two strand twisted closely to the scalp 

Fluff using your fingers: means to fluff your hair to maximum volume



Hair density: means how thick or thin the hair strands are

Hair porosity: means the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. There are 3 types of porosity for hair: low, normal or high

Hair Regimen: means a daily, weekly, monthly hair care plan to take care of your hair 

Hair texture: means is width of each strand 

Hair type: means the amount of curl someone’s hair has…the types range from 1-4 

Henna: means an herb to strengthen your hair 

HG Holy grail: means products that work perfect for your hair 

HHJ Healthy Hair Journey: means A regimen someone uses to maintain healthy hair 

MBL: means Mid back length pertaining to how long your hair is 

Pineappling: means a way to secure your curls for bed to remain your curls the next morning. Put a loose ponytail or put your hair on top of your head and sleep with a silk, satin scarf or silk pillowcase 

PH: The measurement of alkaline and acidity. Neutral pH is 7.0 (the pH of pure water). products with a pH of less than 7.0 are acids; great for smoothing hair cuticle the lower the pH, the stronger the acid. Products with a pH higher than 7.0 are bases alkaline;  perms, colors, etc. raises hair cuticle that can damage hair. the higher the pH, the stronger the base. Healthy hair is naturally slightly acidic 5-5.5. Products with a very high or low pH are damaging to the hair and may cause burns  to scalp and hair fallout without professional assistance 

PJ: means Product junkie means you have tons of products from different brands, trying everything under the sun 

Pre poo: means using oils or conditioner to prepare your hair before you shampoo..typically to retain some moisture after shampooing 

Protective styling: means A style you use to protect the ends of your hair by tucking the ends away and keeping your hair out of your head to maintain length. Some styles are braids, wigs, twists, buns 

S&D: Search and destroy a means of searching for knots, split ends then trimming off 

Seal: means sealing the ends with a butter or oils after moisturized with a water base product to maintain healthy ends 

Slip: means if glides through your hair making your hair easy to detangle 

Transitioning: means no longer using a relaxer and growing the relaxer out to go natural 

Virgin Hair: means no chemically in your hair at all  

Washngo: means putting gel, creams, conditioner in your hair creating a defined curl pattern, typically letting it air dry