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Build a Healthy Hair and Skin Care Regimen/Routine


Our Products are Ideal for When you are on a healthy lifestyle of building a hair and skin care regimen/routine. We have all you need in one place. When you are new on this journey, you wonder where do I do I build a healthy hair and skin care regimen/routine? Or on another note if you been doing this for a while but just haven't created a regimen/routine. We are here to help you! Whether you are new or old caring for your hair and skin a simple regimen/routine is all you need. To build a solid regimen here is what you will need.... Let's start with the Hair Care then go into the Skin Care Regimen!

Hair Care Regimen/Routine

Cleanser: A Moisturize Shampoo and A clarifier. These should be alternated every other week or use the clarifier once a month based on how much build up you have on your hair.

Conditioner: This is crucial to healthy hair..a must in your regimen. Conditioner should be use every time you wash your hair. A deep Conditioner a least once a week. Using a steamer or hair dryer for 15-30 min is important to get the products into your cuticle for added nutrients.

If you are 100% natural. You must maintain moisture in your hair to decrease breakage, split ends and to retain your hair length. All depending on your hair type and the severity of your dry hair, this product should be use 3-7 times a week.

Use the moisturizer and/or conditioner to detangle hair.

Scalp Care
This is a must for healthy growing hair follicles. Massage your scalp with a natural serum to infuse your follicle with all the nutrients it needs to have strong healthy hair that wont have abnormal fall out.

Now to Skin Care Regimen/Routine

Removing debris, makeup and oils from your face is key to keeping excess buildup of dead skin off your face and preparing skin for the nutrients you will put into it. cleansing daily is key..morning and night cleansing is ideal.

If you want glowy rich vibrant look skin. A mask with exfoliant ingredients is a must when removing dead skin cells. This will keep your skin from looking dull and dry looking.

Ahhhh need I say more. whether you have, dry, oily, normal or sensitive need to have an ampoule. This just prepares and gives an added boost for all the nutrients you will put into it on the final step in your skin care. These ampoules just seals the deal in your regimen/routine. Helping your creams glide and infuse more into the skin that much effectively. Oily and dry skin is not a problem, we supply the whole face care you need. 

Face Cream
The last step to your regimen/routine. This keeps all the precious jewels you just put into your skin whether it is for the day and/or night. Making sure all the nutrients are sealed in so keep your skin, glowy, vibrant and protectant all day long.

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So as you know we are a natural hair and skin care company that is here to meet all your needs. You can find all you need right here on Rapha Revivifi  site. Just click on hair or skin care to get started. If you have any questions about building your hair and skin care regimen..dont hesitate to contact us at