Rapha Revivifi

Our Brand: Our products excels at combining organic and natural extracts to create an amazing effect on the hair and skin. Discover the power of natural, organic ingredients that will transform the way you look and feel. The best ingredients are used through sophisticated methods, only top quality products will emerge. Focusing on the result spawned the best combination that nature and technology can be a part of. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, q10, peptides and antioxidants, butters and bioactives are make the best choice. The vitamins, fruit enzymes, minerals and proteins found in the oils and powders add a plus to the nutrient value of the products.


Power: We are proud to offer a line of products that you can benefit from. This product line concentrates at delivering moisture to each and every area of the body. If the focus is on the skin and hair, you will be able to cleanse your scalp and restore pliability. Skin cell turnover has never been so easy, all you have to do is reach out and get the products that suits you. Using the products on a regular basis will help speed the cell turnover process as cell renewal factors are stimulated. Constantly driven to offer a new look, we concentrate on the POWER OF MOISTURE and PH BALANCED hair and skin so that you can forget about skin problems like dryness, eczemas, oily skin and hair problems like dryness, split ends, the frizzies, loss edges and more. 

“Concentrating on the power of antioxidants, peptides and vitamins will result in an unrivaled skin protection that the entire skin care line of products offers.” 

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid is the driving factor behind the moisture benefits of 90% of the products. Because it provides the structural support of the cellular matrix,  and it will help the entire body in its hydration. The skin will get a tone up, and a restructure look with the combination of coenzyme-Q10 and chebula in our face cream.  All in all it will become a powerful ally in the anti-aging battle. The Q10 contained in creams will help by neutralizing the harmful free radicals which are known to be a cause of aging. Antioxidant chebula is a bioactive ingredients that provides a beneficial effect improving the skin’s elasticity and leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Botanical extracts are used to create a vast array of complexes that can be found in our serums, creams, mask, cleanses and others. These are nature’s weapons when it comes to anti-aging and antioxidant capabilities. Having mixed all of these great ingredients with care and passion we can now provide the best products. All the vital minerals, vitamins, fruit enzymes and protein are contained in the whole line offered, with these many roles they will give your skin a younger, healthier look and your hair the touch that it so desperately needs. 

This is what you will see using Rapha Revivifi Products:
    One the repair of cellular damage and speed up the healing process.

 The second replenish the follicles in the scalp and 

 The third revive the cuticle layers in the hair shaft. 

Benefits: Looking at the characteristics of these products we can clearly see what a great benefit they bring to the health of the entire body. We are continually improving the methods and the combination of ingredients to make sure only the best is offered. Moisture is a critical element that will provide nourishment and bring all the essential nutrients into the body cycle. Adding hyaluronic acid to the mix will further increase the properties of the products so that you can enjoy a healthier stronger body.

Having healthy hair, scalp and skin will bring out confidence as you move forward to enjoy your life. www.rapharevivifi.com



Rapha Revivifi