The hair is an important component of the body that is regarded as one of the most notable symbols of beauty. It is important to know that moist hair is ideal for vibrant hair. The use of hair moisturizers is a good step to take in keeping your hair moisturized and helping it get rid of dryness, breakage, and split ends. However, before we go further, you will need to understand the meaning of the hair moisturizers we are talking about so you know where this article is going. Hair moisturizers are a mixture of water, humectants, and other beneficial ingredients in a form of cream, lotion, or spritz. They are used to take care of the hair, make it softer, and manageable and prevent it from drying out. With this understanding of what hair moisturizers are, do you see there is a need for hair moisturizers to maintain proper moisture retention to achieve the objectives, as seen in this definition? You will find below, helpful tips that can make you achieve higher levels of moisture in your hair.

1. Understand your hair’s porosity level

Hair porosity level is very vital to know, before adopting any method to maintain and increase your hair’s moisture. You have to understand how open your cuticles are in your hair shaft, and then determine the level of their porosity. If your hair has low porosity, in most cases you will have to apply heat or steam to your hair to infuse the moisture product into the hair cuticle to get the moisture in. You can always check your hair’s porosity by filling a bowl with room temperature water. Add a couple of strands of clean no product hair to the water, and wait 2-5 minutes. If your hair sinks immediately then you have high porous hair, if it is still on the top then it is low porous hair. When you understand your type of porosity, you will have a clear picture of what you will need to have longer moisturized hair retention…the key - Daily Hair Moisturizer.


2. Keeps your hair healthy
The second thing you need to do if you want to increase your hair’s moisture retention and keep the hair healthy at all times. Your end goal should be hydrated moist hair with a solid regimen. It is important to know that the hair & scalp is very sensitive to bacteria, so you have to keep a clean healthy scalp. When you wash your hair, make sure your focus is on the scalp and not the hair shaft as much. Unwanted oily substances find their way in and cause dryness, along with fragile and stinky hair. Avoid mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, petrolatum, and lanolin products on your scalp and hair strands. They alter your hair growth, block moisture, prevent proper oxygen and nutrient exchange to your scalp/hair deflating the health of your scalp and strands. Drink water, trim ends quarterly, and balance hair with protein and moisture conditioners.  Finally apply recommended hair moisturizers loaded with water, botanical extracts, humectants, pH 3.7-4, and other beneficial ingredients for the best result. Aglow Healing Hair Cream

3. Encourage protective styling and keep your hair intact


Protective styling means giving much priority to your hair’s end by tucking them in or hiding them away. It is good to understand, that the end of the hair shaft plays a very vital role in retaining the hair moisture as it is the oldest part of the hair. When it is not exposed to the air, it holds in moisture and you will find out that your hair shaft/ends are kept in good condition, and its moisture has been preserved. Protective styling can be twists, buns, braids, or anything that tucks your hair away from the air so it doesn’t dry out. NOT only does this keep hair moisture but it also retains hair length. 

Always use a water-based moisturizer and seal the hair with oil

4. To help retain your hair moisture, there are a couple of methods that have proven effective. They are tested, trusted, and will guarantee you moisture and hydration without any hassle. One method is to add moisture products and then seal with an oil of your choice (LCO method). The second method is the LOC method (LOC stands for leave-in, oil then cream)…this is the layering of products to retain max moisture retention (a favorite in the natural hair community). Whether your hair is under braids or not, the use of these methods will help you in working towards retaining hair moisture to achieve a longer duration of moisture than expected.


5. Avoid washing your hair with sulfates

It is important to know that sulfates are very strong chemicals that strip your hair moisture; bad bad bad! Try not to use any products containing sulfate when taking care of your hair, as it can cause excessive dryness, split ends, and breakage. Get a good co-wash (conditioner wash) or sulfate-free shampoo- a sulfate-free shampoo can remove the buildup on the hair strands while keeping your natural sebum intact. Wash your hair, condition it with a deep conditioner, moisten your hair with hair moisturizers (leave-in) and you will see your hair thrive like never before.



It is good to understand, that whether your hair is relaxed, color-treated, permed, or in its natural state, it will always struggle to survive without moisture. Please keep in mind that an individual’s hair varies; some have thin or thick hair, different density, and porosity. However, what is required of all types of hair is to have longer retention of moisture. Keep your hair in good condition and always use recommended shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and scalp serums that are not harmful to the hair and scalp. Also, seek professional advice when needed, (of which you are in the right place). Have a good day!!!